Who we are?

Let’s talk a bit about us.



It all started on the Way to Santiago de Compostela..

Enlight a candle is founded by Rutger Koele. Rutger is an entrepreneur from the Netherlands and lives in Israel for some time. “I met my wife, she is an Israeli on the Camino the Santiago. This special way and special time in my life got more special due to this meeting. Now years later, we are happily married and have a beautiful son.
Walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostella, Finisterre and Muxia learned me a lot. 2 years later I walked again. This time with my mother, On the Camino I learned about the experience to light a candle. For my father who past away, but also for people who need it, people who struggle and people I just love or need it.

We have to take into account the corona measures in Israel. Candles are lit with respect as soon as possible.